Tiny Tots Village

If you find yourself in need of a break from wandering around Ingoldmells Market then you should definitely stop in and visit Tiny Tots Village, just across the road from Fantasy Island. Tiny Tots Village is one of the best places you can take the little ones when it’s time for a sit down and a (particularly good) coffee, whenever we head down there for the day we will often stop in for breakfast first thing and also return for lunch later. Why? Well, the food’s very reasonably priced for one thing, you can get a good breakfast down you for not much dosh but the real attraction for the kids is the play village.

What is Tiny Tots Village?

Tiny Tots Village is an enclosed play village and it’s great for the kids. For the price of £3.50 per child you can have access to the play village all day, hence we’d always go in first thing and let them burn off some energy, so it’s a great place to be able to return to later when it’s time to grab some lunch and take some weight off as the building is shared with Mrs M’s Cafe. The village consists of play houses and ride on vehicles as well as a range of other climbing frames and slides that you can investigate, the scale of what’s on offer is brilliant for the little ones. The only way in or out of the play village is through the gate near the counter, and while the play area is unsupervised visibility across the play areas is excellent so it’s no bother to keep your eyes on the little ones, they can’t get out without going past the seating area anyway so it gives you the chance to relax and let the kids blow off some steam (or spend a couple of hours if the weather decides to go all British on you). There are also a few tables within the play village so you can get closer to the action if you wish.

The food from the cafe, as mentioned, is reasonably priced and generally very enoyable with generous portion sizes. The range is standard cafe fare but there’s enough variety on the menu to keep you interested over the period of a few days and as a package, with Tiny Tots Village, makes it a great place to go and see when it’s time for the older ones to take a seat and the younger ones to burn off some excess energy, as you don’t feel pressured to make way for the next customers as soon as you’ve finished eating as you do with some places.

We’d definitely recommend a visit to Tiny Tots Village, we always visit for breakfast and lunch whenever we visit Ingoldmells as it’s a great place to use as a base point for the day.

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