Fantasy Island Skegness

Fantasy Island is one of the best known theme parks in the UK and a popular resort for young families. Fantasy Island is situated in the seaside town of Ingoldmells which is only a couple of miles from Skegness making it an ideal place to visit on your holiday to the East Coast.

Fantasy Island – Rides

Whether you’re after rides for the kids (younger or older), attractions for the adults or just the chance to browse the market then you’ll find everything you need here. The main attraction is the rides and as said they cater for most people, whether you’re looking for dodgems, twisters, cups and saucers right through to roller coasters that circumnavigate the park. The rides are paid for by either purchasing armbands which allow access to most of the attractions, from the teacups inside to the volcano ride that launch you straight up into the air. These prove to be great value as they cost from £5-£9 for 3-11 year olds and £10-£18 for 12 years and over (prices depending on times of the season), and are valid for the whole day so it’s really handy to be able to pop the kids on a couple of rides whenever you’re passing on your way to grab a meal or see something new. If you don’t want to pay for an armband you can also buy a handful of tokens, this allows you to pick and choose exactly what you want to go on and are not limited to that day but it doesn’t take many rides a day to make the armbands a better choice. Check up to date prices for Fantasy Island here.

Other attractions:

Dotted around are also a couple of bouncy castle slides and there are a couple of other attractions just across the road from Fantasy Island, these change frequently so there’s always something to see there. There are also arcades and a play area built into Fantasy Island as well as Go Karts and various game stalls dotted around.

Anything else?

Yes! There’s the indoor bar area for the older kids (Mum, Dad and upwards) with an excellent range of entertainment and tribute acts on most weeks throughout the season from Oasis to Kylie to Jessie J, you’ll never be far from something to listen to. There are also some attractions indoors such as a mini roller coaster for the little ones, mini dodgems and a stage area with regular entertainers (cue coffee break, Mum and Dad!) so there is plenty to keep you coming back day after day.

Sounds great, where can we stay nearby?

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Photography Credit for Featured Image – Thanks to Darren Binney