Conditions of Hire

The followings terms and conditions are the basis upon which our holiday homes are let. These must be agreed to before any booking takes place. Our terms and conditions are in place to protect our property for the enjoyment of others as well as respecting the rules of Parkdean Resorts.

Please note that failure to adhere to this policy could result in the immediate termination of your booking and removal from your accommodation as well as the holiday park. Both Sandcastle Holidays and Parkdean Resorts reserve the right to remove anyone from the premises in the interests of the wellbeing of property and/or guests or the property of Parkdean Resorts and their guests. Sandcastle Holidays will respect the decision of Parkdean Resorts in every case, any behaviour that results in a Hiring Party to be removed from the park will result in the forfeit of any deposit or money paid for towards their stay.

We will seek to recover any charges or fines that are left to us on behalf of the park for any damage or inconvenience caused.

1. The Hiring Party

The lead name for the hiring party must be over the age of 21 and must be present on park during the break; we do not allow hirers to make a booking under the name of a person who will not be present for the duration of the break. Regrettably we cannot accept bookings from groups of under 25 years of age. The hiring party are responsible for their conduct on the park at all times. As the hiring party you are responsible for your own safety as well as due safety of others in consequence of your actions. You are responsible for upkeep of your accommodation during your stay and we respectfully ask that you treat our property as if it were your own. Hiring parties may not be made up of same sex groups with the exception of older family groups; please ask for details. The lead name on the booking remains responsible for any damage to or misuse of the accommodation that has been booked. In the interests of protecting accommodation we reserve the right to cancel any booking prior to commencement if we have any concerns regarding the members of the hiring party; this includes but is not limited to falsification or manipulation of names and ages of guests in order to circumvent occupancy rules.

The hiring party will inform us of all guests who will be staying in the accommodation. At no point will this number exceed the number of people that a caravan is designed to accommodate denoted by the berth of the caravan; ie 6 guests in a 6 berth or 8 guests for an 8 berth.

We ask that you report any and all breakages to us, we understand that accidents happen from time to time but we expect to be made aware within a reasonable timeframe in order to replace or repair any equipment that may be needed for the next hiring party.

Please note that we operate a strict no smoking policy in our holiday homes in respect for the needs of others.

2. Security Deposit

A security deposit of £50 will be required at the time of booking and your refund will be processed within 7 days of your holiday end date upon satisfactory inspection of the accommodation. Sandcastle Holidays reserve the right to withhold security deposits to cover any excess cleaning; damage; breakages; soiled carpets, furnishings and/or mattresses. Any evidence, including smell, of smoking or illegal activities, including but not limited to the use of drugs or evidence of paraphernalia, will result in the loss of deposit. Deposits will not be refunded in the event of cancellation. Please note that deposit refunds can take 5-10 days to show on your statement due to processing time by the card issuer; this is beyond the control of Sandcastle Holidays. In cases of excess damage Sandcastle Holidays will pursue the recovery of costs in a court of law.

3. Holiday Payment

Once a booking enquiry has been made and both parties agree to proceed with the booking, a deposit of £50 must be paid within 3 days unless otherwise agreed between Sandcastle Holidays and the lead name of the Hiring Party after which time your enquiry may be automatically cancelled. The remaining balance must be paid in full no less than 28 days before your holiday begins. If payment is not received within a week of payment being due then we reserve the right to withhold the deposit and re-let the accommodation.

In circumstances where a Hiring Party makes a booking enquiry with less than one month until the booking begins we would ask payment to be made in full within 7 days of booking be made and no less than 48 hours before your designated arrival time. This may be impossible in the event of a last minute holiday being booked, these situations will be handled on a case by case basis in a manner that suits both parties. If you are experiencing difficulties with payments it is your responsibilty to contact us and we will be flexible with payments where possible and at our discretion.

Our preferred method of payment is online payment through our online booking and payment which can be found by logging in to your account. We will accept other methods of payment at our discretion however we do not accept cash payments sent through the post. We do not recommend that you send cash through the post and we will not be held responsible if cash fails to arrive from you choosing to do so. We cannot accept payments on arrival at any of the parks on which we operate, all payments must be made before arrival.

4. Arrival and Departure

Keys will be provided by reception on check in day unless otherwise stated and guests will be expected to vacate the accommodation by 10:00am on the day of departure. We allow parking for one car per pitch, if you bring more than one car then you will need to find another location to park it and this will be done at your own discretion and risk.

5. Handling of Keys

The handling of keys will be managed on a case by case basis, where possible we will be on site to welcome you to your accommodation, however if this is not possible then a handover service will be offered at the reception desk of your chosen holiday park. For departure, we will either meet you on site or ask that the keys be left with reception.

6. Bed Linen and Towels

Bed linen and towels must be provided by guests; the term “bed linen” refers to bottom sheets, pillow cases and duvet covers as well as any waterproof mattress protection where appropriate. We will provide duvets and pillows for all guests to use during your stay. Bed linen cannot be hired through the site. Evidence to suggest that bed linen has not been used or will resort in the loss of booking deposit in order to replace the pillows and duvets where necessary. Soiled mattresses will result in the full loss of deposit.

7. Lost Property

Any personal possessions that are taken into holiday accommodation will remain responsibility of the guests and will be done so at their own risk, neither Sandcastle Holidays or Parkdean Resorts can be held responsible for loss, damage or theft of your belongings so please take all necessary precautions. Wherever possible we will endeavour to return anything that is left behind in our accommodation as soon as possible. Teddys need a holiday too, but they don’t always like getting back into suitcases when it’s time to leave. Don’t worry, we’re on it.

8. Use of Park Facilities

Entertainment and facility passes are not included in the cost of your holiday, these will need to be paid for by the Hiring Party directly from your chosen holiday park’s reception desk if you wish to use the site’s facilities and entertainment. If you are unsure whether you will need them then please ask either ourselves or your chosen holiday park in advance and we will advise on whether they will be needed during your stay. We would highly recommend that you order these two weeks before your arrival where possible and would advise against ordering them on arrival as you may not get them until the following day. Where indicated during the booking process, and where possible, we will order your passes for collection before your arrival. We will not discount or refund any costs towards a holiday where the Hiring Party has not ordered entertainment passes. For details of the facilities available to guests you can either speak to ourselves, see details on our website or speak to your chosen holiday park in advance.

9. Pets

We offer pet friendly accommodation to small, well behaved dogs. In the interests of the needs of those with allergies we offer designated pet friendly caravans, pets are not permitted in the holiday homes unless specifically stated. Any Hiring Party that arrives with a pet that has not been previously agreed to will be refused entry to the holiday home; no refunds will be offered in these circumstances. Pets must not be left alone in the holiday homes at any time and a dog cage is preferred overnight. Any damage or excessive cleaning as a result of a hiring party bringing pets will result in the loss of your Security Deposit and, in the event of excessive damage, we reserve the right to recover any charges involved in the repair, replacement or restoration of equipment or accommodation. If you suffer from pet allergies then we would advise that you inform us when booking as although many of our holiday homes are not pet friendly the owners, or families of the owners, may have pets that they bring when their holiday homes are not being hired out through ourselves.

10. Cancellation

In the event of cancellation a security deposit will be forfeited. At our discretion we may seek to find alternative dates that are suitable for both parties in place of the original dates, therefore carrying over any paid monies in the form of deposit and balances paid. For cancellations with less than 28 days until arrival date Sandcastle Holidays reserves the right to withhold all payments that have been made. If a hiring party is unable to take their booked holiday with us and wishes to transfer their break to another hiring party then written permission must be obtained from both parties before any change of details will be processed; change of hiring party will only take place at the discretion of Sandcastle Holidays. The new hiring party must adhere to our Conditions of Hire.

11. Change of Caravan

Wherever possible we make sure our guests are able to stay in the caravan that they have requested through our website. When this is not possible due to damage to the caravan, equipment failure or other circumstances beyond our control we will endeavour to find a suitable replacement for your break. Sandcastle Holidays reserve the right to move a booking to a caravan of similar specification should the need arise. We will always, where possible, inform guests of any potential change of accommodation and, where possible, guests will be invited to choose their replacement from the accommodation we have available. As we work as a rental agency for other owners our hire fleet changes as new caravans are bought and sold; should a caravan no longer be available due to private sale guests will be invited to choose other accommodation for their break or will be entitled to a full refund or any monies paid including the security deposit.

12. Insurance

Sandcastle Holidays accepts no responsibilty for loss or damage of equipment or property or injury to guests during their stay in any of our accommodation, at any of the holiday parks in which we operate either during their break or whilst travelling to or from their chosen holiday park. Guests are advised to seek advice on appropriate insurance to cover the Hiring Party as well as their property and possessions for the duration of their break including travelling to or from their chosen holiday park and any activities that are undertaken during their break.